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Baltimore Oriole

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Lake Macbride Field Trip Birds 7/9/06

Night Sounds Sunset by G.Pearson 4/25/03

Hawk Watch Nov 21, 2003

Long-tailed Duck outside Iowa City
4/8/03 (near home of Jim and Karole Fuller)
Cone Marsh Trip 3/30/03
Owl Prowl scenes 2/23/03

Common Grackle & Purple Martin in Shueyville 4/03

by J. Scheib

Upland Sandpiper

by J. Scheib

Tundra  Swans  in NE Iowa, Fall '02

Festival Report

Trumpeter Swans P64 & P65
Hawkeye Wildlife Area,
Mar 16, 2003

Black-headed Grosbeak
Jan 27, 2003
near Geode St. Park
black-headed grosbeak

N. Saw-whet Owl
Feb 10, 2003
Hawkeye Wildlife Area

saw-whet owl perched
Cooper's Hawk nesting near Lucas Elementary,
July 2002.
Click to enlarge

First Ovenbird on Iowa City Christmas Count, 2002
Photo 1

Photo 2

Ovenbird by brick

Below the Dam - Iowa River Power Co.Scenes

Feeder Watch Social Pictures January 12, 2003

Brant at Union Grove St. Park Dec. 9 - Photo1  Photo2

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