The Basics of Roulette


Roulette is a popular casino game that involves spinning a wheel and betting on what number will come up. Bets can be placed on a single number, various groupings of numbers, the color red or black, whether the number is odd or even, and if the ball will land in a high or low section of the wheel. Before the ball is spun, players place their bets by placing chips on a betting mat; the precise location of the chips indicating the type of bet being made.

There are several different roulette variations; however, all have a common element: the spinning wheel and a betting board. The roulette wheel has numbered divisions that alternate between red and black and also include a green 0 pocket (on American tables only). A ball is spun around the edge of the bowl until it comes to rest in one of the divisions. If the ball lands in the red section it’s called ‘red’; if it lands in the black section it’s called ‘black’. If it lands in the zero section it’s known as ‘zero’; and finally, if it lands on the green section it’s known as ‘green’.

In addition to the main bets, players can also place ‘outside’ bets which are bets on positional groupings of pockets, odd or even, or a combination of these options. These bets have lower payout odds than inside bets but higher payouts if they are successful.

The most popular announced bet is the neighbours bet which covers 5 numbers and 2 adjoining numbers on either side of them. This bet is usually found in French Roulette though it’s occasionally available online as a European roulette variation too.

Another popular bet is the tiers du cylinder bet which covers 12 numbers on the outer circumference of the wheel. This bet is only available in a small number of casinos and is rarely seen in the UK but it’s a good option if you want to increase your chances of winning by covering more numbers.

If you’re not familiar with French Roulette, it can look intimidating due to the French terminology; however, persevere and you’ll find it’s the best form of roulette in terms of your chances of success – thanks to its minuscule house edge of 1.35%. Other than the French version, there are several other variations of roulette including Double Ball, Mini, Multi-Wheel, German, and English roulette. Each of these has its own unique rules and payout odds so be sure to check them out before you start playing.