What is the HK Prize?

HK Prize is one of Asia’s premier writing contests, and it gives top ten finalists the chance to build up their writing portfolio and network with fellow writers. Besides cash prizes, participants also stand the chance to win shopping vouchers and F&B perks. However, before participating in the contest it is important to read over all the rules and regulations thoroughly.

The Hong Kong Prize is an international award that recognizes scientists whose research has had a significant impact on society. It is open to researchers worldwide and selected through a rigorous process free from sponsorship or committee influence. Winners receive monetary prizes and the opportunity to showcase their work internationally.

To make this year’s list, nominees had to do something amazing — whether that was fighting for freedom and democracy, raising funds for a medical miracle or making life better for their neighbors. The winners are selfless people with a drive to make our world a better place, proving that the human spirit can shine even in the darkest of places.

Founded in 2012, the hk prize is open to all enrolled secondary school students. To enter, students must be nominated by their teacher and submit up to three artworks before the submission deadline. The winner will be chosen by the panel of judges, and a HK$20,000 prize will be given to their school. In addition, a HK$8,000 Judges Prize will be awarded to the student artist who receives the highest score from our judges.

The HK Prize is a competition that encourages young people to pursue their dreams and explore their potential. It also aims to promote Hong Kong as an international science hub and nurture forward-looking scientists. The prize was created in memory of Professor George B. Endacott, who served as Lecturer in History from 1946 to 1957. He was instrumental in reestablishing the Department of History after the Second World War.

The HK Prize was established in order to support local scientific research and to nurture forward-looking scientists who can advance global science leadership. It focuses on four areas of excellence: artificial intelligence and robotics, life and health sciences, physical science and materials, and advanced manufacturing and fintech. Winners will gain international visibility and prestigious media coverage, access to world-class facilities and be invited to participate in global scientific conferences and seminars relevant to their field. They will also receive a cash award and a certificate. The winning project must be innovative and measurable in terms of its contribution to Hong Kong’s development as well as its role as an international scientific center. It must also be implemented by the end of 2021.