DayMay 22, 2024

Sydney Pools

Sydney Pools

A plethora of swimming pools and their locations across the city and surrounding areas make for a city that is well-suited to the sport of swimming. The mild to hot air temperatures and pleasant water temperature – fed by the East Australian Current – are conducive to swimming and bathing. These factors, combined with the abundance of sandstone buildings and ocean pools, are arguably two manifestations of Sydney’s moniker as ‘Sydney’s Sandstone City’.

Many of Sydney’s ocean pools were built during the Depression in the 1930s to provide jobs for local people and provide safer alternatives to the treacherous rips that are regularly whipped up on the surf beaches along the NSW coast by winter swells from the south, and summer swells from cyclones that trundle thousands of kms north from the north. These pools, sheltered by headlands and with their walls protecting swimmers from the dangerous waves that wash up on the beaches, are a major factor in the relatively low rates of beach rescues and coastal drownings in Australia.

Ocean pools are a feature along most of the NSW coastline, but they are more common in the southern two-thirds of the state’s coast, which is toothed with headlands spiking into the Pacific Ocean. In this area, sandstone is the ideal material for the formation of headlands and the construction of pools. The sandstone is relatively soft and can be excavated without damaging the underlying rock. It also has an ideal balance of softness to support the headlands, but hardness that allows it to resist abrasion from the waves pounding against them.

These pools provide a safe place for swimmers to swim and for the communities that surround them to gather. They are also a reminder of the resilience and fortitude of Australia’s indigenous peoples, who have survived and flourished over millennia in an often hostile environment, and are an inspiration for those who face their own challenges in a modern, urban world.

When choosing a pool builder, it’s important to do your research before signing any contracts. Ensure that your pool builder has the appropriate licences and insurance to operate in NSW. In addition, a reputable pool builder should be able to show you copies of their work and warranty policies upon request.

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